About Lanier

Dedicated to help people,

especially SENIORS,

with MEDICARE choices.

I’m Lanier Wheetley and I am dedicated to helping you find the right Medicare plan based on your individual needs.

I’ve worked in the insurance industry since 1987 and turned my focus to Medicare a few years ago. I did that because I know people were searching for guidance in this confusing and complex area of healthcare. I am here to solve that problem.

Wheetley Financial Services is an independent agency that takes a non-biased, needs-based approach in helping our clients with their Medicare options.

My Medicare Turning 65 Workshops have been very successful because I believe that people, especially “Seniors”, are tired of the HARD SELL (Mailers, emails, phone calls). What they want and need is someone to present factual, useful information in a way they will understand, so that they can make an educated decision that is best for THEM and their family. Not what is best for an insurance agent and/or the insurance company.

Lanier Wheetley, FSS

Lanier Wheetley, FSS


As an Independent Agent, Lanier has been able to provide programs designed especially to fit your coverage and price requirements.

After seeing the need for Seniors to find the correct Medicare and insurance, he turned his attention to them, desiring to help them through a complex situation.